Search and Rescue is a valuable resource to local, state and national law enforcement and Office of Emergency Management. In most cases, your local Search and Rescue teams are self-funded which means all their gear and equipment as well as time are at the cost of the team members. This often includes any training expenses each member attends.

Lets take our team, Sharp County Search and Rescue, for an example. We are a group of volunteers with the goal of upholding the SAR statement of “That others may live” and applying it to our local and county needs. While we have a fairly large retirement community, we do train specifically for this as well as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Autistic to name a few which figures in many aspects of studies in how each of these react and act to narrow down the search areas of immediate concern.

Our team members have attended many certification courses as well as non-certification training to better serve our community.

Our team is a member of Arkansas Search and Rescue Association (ASARA) and several of our team members are also members of the National Search and Rescue Association (NASAR)